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5. Caregiving for End-of-Life Alzheimer\'s Patients


Hospice and Palliative Care at Home or in a Hospice Facility

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For many seriously ill patients, hospice and palliative care offers a more dignified and comfortable alternative to spending your final months in the impersonal environment of a hospital. Palliative m READ MORE

The Last Stages of Life

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The last stages of life can be very stressful for the dying person and those caring for him/her. You will observe changes that may be upsetting and unfamiliar. Learning about the dying process will he READ MORE

The Passing: What to Expect When Witnessing a Loved One's Death

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Relatives describe the death experience Nothing prepares you for being present at the death of a loved one. The emotional enormity of the experience and its relative rarity give survivors little fr READ MORE

End-of-life Care for People with Dementia in Residential Care Settings

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Alzheimer's Association commissioned this literature review on end-of-life- care for nursing home residents with advanced dementia as part of its ongoing Campaign for Q READ MORE

The Dying Process: Signs and Symptoms

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"The act of dying is also one of the acts of life." - Marcus Aurelius As your loved one is in the process of dying and it seems that there is so little anyone can do to help, the following pages m READ MORE

Ten Signs Death is Near

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What to expect and how to respond to the natural dying process No one can predict the moment of death. But physicians and nurses involved in end-of-life care know that certain symptoms are usually READ MORE

Practical Geriatrics: End-of-Life Care for Persons With Alzheimer's Disease

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Because of the rapidly increasing number of older adults with chronic disabling conditions and because of advancements in lifesaving technologies, end-of-life care has become a significant component o READ MORE

End-of-Life Choices: Feeding Tubes and Ventilators

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Families caring for a chronically ill loved one may eventually face very difficult decisions regarding medical treatment for the person in their care. The progression of many conditions -- Alzheimer's READ MORE

Caregiving for End-of-Life Alzheimer's Patients -- What to Expect, What to Do

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End of life – what to expect Dying is a unique experience for each person, coming in its own time and its own way. However, the process often follows a somewhat predictable path and there are a num READ MORE
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