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Alzheimer\'s Risk Factors - Frailty and Age


Dementia risk prediction in the population: are screening models accurate?

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Early identification of individuals at risk of dementia will become crucial when effective preventative strategies for this condition are developed. Various dementia prediction models have been propos READ MORE

Physical frailty in older persons is associated with Alzheimer disease pathology

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Objective: We examined the extent to which physical frailty in older persons is associated with common age-related brain pathology, including cerebral infarcts, Lewy body pathology, and Alzheimer dis READ MORE

Frailty is associated with incident Alzheimer's disease and cognitive decline in...

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Objective: To assess the association between frailty and incident Alzheimer's disease (AD) and cognitive decline. Frailty is common in older persons and associated with adverse health outcomes. Met READ MORE

Nontraditional risk factors combine to predict Alzheimer disease and dementia

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Objective: To investigate whether dementia risk can be estimated using only health deficits not known to predict dementia. Methods: A frailty index consisting of 19 deficits not known to predict de READ MORE
Most studies on risk factors attempt to identify a link between an individual factor -- mid-life serum cholesterol levels, for example -- and the risk of developing AD. This approach has not been working very well. In fact, age remains the single most potent risk factor for late-onset AD, even though many age-related health problems, such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes, are recognized as AD risk factors, and others -- hyperlipidemia, a sedentary lifestyle, pesticide exposure, dementia in a spouse, and feeling tired, lonely, or unwell -- have been suggested as risk factors, as well. Some researchers suggest that if these individual risk factors are poor at identifying people who are at risk for developing dementia, it may be better to use an integrative approach that estimates the cumulative impact of insults to health.
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