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Factors that influence survival in a probable Alzheimer disease cohort

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Introduction: This longitudinal study examined multiple factors that influence survival in a cohort of Alzheimer patients followed over two decades. Methods: Time to death after symptom onset was d READ MORE

Survival times in people with dementia: analysis from population based cohort st...

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Objectives To provide estimates of survival after onset of dementia by age, sex, self reported health, disability, and severity of cognitive impairment. Design Analysis of participants from prospec READ MORE

Dementia in Later Years an Independent Risk Factor for Death

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Having dementia in later life more than doubles the risk of death, and this risk is independent of known midlife sociodemographic and cardiovascular risk factors, according to a new prospective histor READ MORE

Dementia, Prognosis, and the Needs of Patients and Caregivers

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Alzheimer disease and other types of dementia are common in older patients, especially those older than 85 years of age (1). While several studies suggest that life expectancy is shortened in patients READ MORE

Survival after initial diagnosis of Alzheimer disease

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Background: Alzheimer disease is an increasingly common con- dition in older people. Knowledge of life expectancy after the diagnosis of Alzheimer disease and of associations of patient characteris READ MORE
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