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Risk factors for dementia after critical illness in elderly Medicare beneficiari...

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Introduction Hospitalization increases the risk of a subsequent diagnosis of dementia. We aimed to identify diagnoses or events during a hospitalization requiring critical care that are associated READ MORE

Adverse Outcomes After Hospitalization and Delirium in Persons With Alzheimer Di...

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The state of acute confusion and disorientation known as delirium can stem from a serious illness, surgery or infection, and often develops while patients are in the hospital. Now a new study conf READ MORE

How to Watch Out for Someone's Best Interests in the Hospital

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In the hospital a person with dementia is at greater risk than others, so be ready to keep tabs on treatments, ask questions, and act as an advocate. * If the Patients' Bill of Rights is not posted READ MORE

Hospitalization and effects on cognition (summary)

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WHAT QUESTION IS THIS STUDY ADDRESSING? This study looked at whether older people who were admitted to the hospital had more decline in their cognition (memory, thinking, language, judgment) than p READ MORE

Cognitive decline after hospitalization (full paper)

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Objective: To test the hypothesis that hospitalization in old age is associated with subsequent cognitive decline. Methods: As part of a longitudinal population-based cohort study, 1,870 older resi READ MORE

Association Between Acute Care and Critical Illness Hospitalization and Cognitiv...

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Context Studies suggest that many survivors of critical illness experience long-term cognitive impairment but have not included premorbid measures of cognitive functioning and have not evaluated ri READ MORE

Hospitalization Associated With Cognitive Decline in Elderly Patients (Summary)

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Older individuals hospitalized for acute care or a critical illness are more likely to experience cognitive decline, new research suggests. In addition, individuals hospitalized with a noncritical ill READ MORE

This Is Me

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Actor Kevin Whately is launching a new Alzheimer's Society leaflet to help tackle poor dementia care in hospitals. 'This is me' can be filled out and given to staff when a person with dementia goes READ MORE

Hospitalization Happens: A Guide to Hospital Visits for Individuals with Memory ...

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A trip to the hospital with a person who has memory loss or dementia can be stressful for both of you. This brochure can relieve some of that stress by helping you prepare for both unexpected and plan READ MORE
Since an Alzheimer's patient will have many health problems, trips to the hospital are a given. And what about a caregiver requiring planned -- or even emergency -- hospital care?
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