Environmental Geriatrics -- Improving function & safety through age-appropriate design

Environmental Geriatrics is the study and application of design principles to interiors and products to optimize the health, function, and well-being of older adults.

* Alzheimer's Friendly Home
[NOTE: this is an excellent website!!! http://www.ThisCaringHome.org ]
* Fall and Fire Prevention
* Hoarding and Clutter
* Nursing Homes vs Assisted Living
* Patient Guides

Multimedia Course: 3D Animated Virtual Home

Clinicians can serve as a valuable resource to patients and their caregivers by providing them with advice and information on how to avoid excess disability through age-appropriate design. This 3D animated course, Environmental Geriatrics: Improving Function & Safety, is designed for medical students and primary care physicians as well as other healthcare professionals involved in the care of older patients.

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Our 3D animated virtual home and patient combines sound, text, and moving images, allowing physicians to:

* Experience virtually the effect of visual impairments, such as macular degeneration or glaucoma, while interacting with the environment (e.g., descending stairs).

* Make a virtual home visit with an older patient who has reduced visual, hearing, mobility, and memory skills.

* Witness virtual patients unnecessarily struggling to accomplish daily tasks of living (e.g., bathing, eating, transferring, ambulating, and taking medications).

* Observe patients encountering remediable environmental hazards that increase fall and burn risk, which are not usually observable in practice.

* Identify specific assistive devices and environmental features that improve patients' ADL/IADL functioning while reducing injury risk.
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