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What is Korsakoff’s syndrome? from the Alzheimer's Society, U.K.

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What is Korsakoff’s syndrome? Korsakoff's syndrome is a brain disorder usually associated with heavy alcohol consumption over a long period. Historically it has also been called 'Korsakoff's psyc READ MORE
Korsakoff's syndrome may result from continual heavy drinking over a long period. It is caused by lack of thiamine (vitamin B1). This may be due to poor nutrition, poor absorption of vitamins resulting from the effects of alcohol on the stomach lining, or both. Its main symptom is loss of short-term memory. It is not strictly a dementia, as damage is confined to small areas in the mid part of the brain. It can be halted if the person stops drinking and starts eating healthily. Alcohol may also have a harmful effect on the nerve cells in the outer layer of the brain, affecting a wide range of skills and abilities. This is sometimes known as alcoholic dementia. There is thought to be considerable overlap between Korsakoff's syndrome and alcoholic dementia.
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