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Overlap Among the Dementias


PART 9: More Than Gaucher's -- GBA Throws Its Weight Around Lewy Body Disease

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9 June 2009. This news story on the glucocerebrosidase (GBA) gene closes the Alzforum series on emerging concepts in the neurodegenerative disease spectrum. This latest genetics discovery may help sci READ MORE

PART 8: Reshuffle Parkinson's Genetics to Lay Out Its Pathways?

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9 June 2009. This penultimate article in the Alzforum series on the spectrum of overlapping neurodegenerative diseases reports the call of a founding neurogeneticist, who rocks the boat from time to t READ MORE

PART 7: Meet Progranulin, The Biomarker -- A Simpler Story?

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5 June 2009. Scientists wrestling the complexities of α-synuclein fluid biochemistry (see Part 6 of this series) might be forgiven for looking with some envy to a different protein of the neurodegene READ MORE

PART 6: Still Early Days for alpha-synuclein Fluid Marker

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4 June 2009. In Alzheimer disease research, well over a decade of intense research into fluid biomarker candidates has reached a point where a so-called "pathological signature" of amyloid-beta and ta READ MORE

PART 5: Ordnung, Please -- Can Biomarkers Tame a Bewildering Overlap?

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3 June 2009. Faced with a complicated landscape of mixed disease at all levels of observation, scientists at the 9th International Conference AD/PD last March in Prague made one point abundantly clear READ MORE

PART 4: Like DLB, Like AD -- Do Oligomers Stir Up the Trouble?

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2 June 2009. Current work on distinguishing Alzheimer disease from its cousin dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB, see Part 3 of this series) has underscored one intriguing similarity between the two. In D READ MORE

PART 3: Neither Fish Nor Fowl -- Dementia With Lewy Bodies Often Missed

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1 June 2009. Perhaps the biggest, and quintessential, representative of a spectrum neurodegenerative disease is dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB). By some counts, this disease is the second most common READ MORE

PART 2: Et tu, Brute? Parkinson's GWAS Fingers Tau Next to alpha-Synuclein

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29 May 2009. At the 9th International Conference AD/PD, held this past March in Prague, Thomas Gasser of the Hertie Institute in Tuebingen, Germany, presented data that illustrated two emerging concep READ MORE

PART 1: Spectrum of Neurodegeneration Comes to the Fore

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28 May 2009. Sometimes in science, a concept lingers unattended in the collective back of researchers' minds for years; they sense there's something important to it but aren't ready to grasp it head-o READ MORE
There is an extensive and multitudinous overlap among Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, the frontotemporal dementias, and Lewy body dementia, which was the focus of international symposia in 2009, and a 9-part series of articles on the Alzheimer Research Forum.
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