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Memory Enhancers for Someone With Alzheimer's

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How to prolong independence for someone with early signs of dementia The following ideas are easy to implement and will help you manage the daily life of a person with Alzheimer's or other forms of READ MORE

How to Tell if Someone With Alzheimer's Needs Assisted Living

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It can be hard to decide when someone who has Alzheimer's should no longer live alone. With sufficient lifestyle supports and memory aids, some people with the disease live independently for years. Th READ MORE

Assessing Whether a Dementia Patient Can Safely Live Alone

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This is the live alone assessment developed at the University of Iowa. It was developed because the average social worker has no uniform guidelines to make such a determination. One of the big problem READ MORE

Ten Tips for Keeping Your Independence

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Alzheimer's disease is always changing you. One day you may be able to do something, and the next day you may not. However, you can continue to live independently during the early stages of the diseas READ MORE

Alzheimer's Disease: Tips for Maintaining a Normal Life

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Living with Alzheimer's disease is a challenge for anyone. It's difficult to remember things, make decisions, and find your way around the way you used to. It can be frustrating a good deal of the tim READ MORE

How To Live Alone With Mild Symptoms of Alzheimer's

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Overview Some people with early Alzheimer's disease live alone, either through desire or necessity. While this is not recommended for everyone, the following steps are provided for someones who wis READ MORE
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